Memory violation in UBE

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Hi everyone, hope everybody is doing great!

So I'm trying to "concat" some Descriptions fields (I have 40 fields of 70
char each to concat),

I have to insert it in the media objects (F00165)in the field "Variable Text
Field" (TXVC).

The problem is, even if my text variable have a length of 30000, it cause a
memory violation when the length go above 400 char (it means about 5 or 6 of
my descriptions fields and I have 40 to merge...!)

Anyone can help??

Thanks in advance!

Laurence Bellemare-Pelletier
Alliance Forest Products inc.
Is this your error:
"[Invalid Overwrite or Read] The system may become unstable. Please debug the Application using the Event Rule Debugger."

If it is, JDE recommends upgrading to service pack 16.1
This error does not exist in SP 16.1

Hope this helps some.

The error line (as show on the 2nd page of the PDF) is :

" The ER line (58) for Event (13) in section (.....) has cause a memory
violation "

I debug it, and it stops when the length of my text variable go above 400
char... is this a normal limit?

Look in the archive for word "PO text" there is a thread that I've posted to and I give there the way that we are using to upload the processing option to F000165. Before this method we were also geting several memory violation.

Christian Audet

Implementing B7333 (Xe) SP14.1, SQL
(Support B732, B7331 and B7332)