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Memory used by Citrix Terminal Server

We are looking at installing JD Edwards on either an NT 2000 platform or an AS400 platform. A question has been asked on how much RAM does each terminal session take on the enterprise server and the application servers? Is it different for each platform? Is this a dynamic or static RAM snatch for each Terminal session??

Thanks for your help in advance º¿º


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We are using 50meg per user on the citrix boxes and that seems to work ok. We are not running logic on those boxes. As for the ES, we use an AS400 and there IBM has a 1W sizer that will give you a recommendation. Basically, on the 400 put in as much as you can. What app didn't like more memory????
We are using an AS400 for the ES, NT for Deployment, and Terminal Server for WAN clients. The TS is sized with the idea that each user would consume 50 to 60 mb each, and this is realistic. 1.2 gb of RAM should accomodate 15 concurrent users..perhaps 20 if they are not all heavy users. I would not want to push it much beyond that, because i have found that the average user consumes 40 to 50 MB of RAM, and the real heavy users exceed 60MB. However, the WTS does work well, infact i have even dialed in and connected at 28.8, and OneWOrld ran extremely fast. Just make sure you config the citrix client software correctly.

As for deciding if you should use NT or an AS400 for the ES is really up to you. I am an NT guy, but it is hard to beat the stability, and processing power of an AS400. We have found that it works well for us, plus we are coexistent with World for our distribution centers (Warehouse locations).

Kevin Benjamin
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Thank you very much for that info. That helps us alot.

Do you know how much memory each terminal session takes up on the enterprise server??


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It depends - each session is allocating the memory it needs for it´s
application. We are running Metaframe 1.8 against an Oracle 8.1.6
installation and memory allocation various from 25-95MB per user.
Herbert Sickel
On 22 May 2001, at 12:02, RunningRhino wrote:

snatch for each Terminal session??


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One HUGE qualification here.

For terminal server, OneWorld runs all of its DLL's on the Enterprise
Server. (This is controlled via OCM mappings and is required for JDE
support). CallObject kernels drive this execution on the enterprise server.
In order to run this code on the server, you must have an adequate number of
CallObject kernels to handle the DLL calls and you must have an adequate
amount of memory to support these kernels.

It has been my experience that you need about 30-45MB per user on the
Enterprise server just to support the DLL calls. Ideally, you would have
the processor power on the Enterprise server to support this workload as
well. If you are undersized on your Enterprise server, interactive
performance will suffer for TSE users and Fat Client may even perform

So the type and size of Enterprise server really does matter, if not as much
or more with Terminal Server clients (than fat clients).

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enterprise server??

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