Medical/Dental Arrears - Monthly Limits


Currently, we have Medical/Dental DBA’s set up to go into arrears when an employee does not receive a paycheck. When they return to work, JDE captures the amount in arrears plus the current weekly deduction.

Soon the rates are changing and the monthly dental deduction will not equal to four equal weekly installments, therefore, I have to put a monthly limit so that we do not over deduct a couple of cents each month.

The problem with setting a monthly limit is the following:

Employee off three weeks
When they return, JDE will calculate the three weeks in arrears plus the current week.
This equals 4 weeks and is equivalent to the monthly limit.
Deduction will be shut off for the remainder of the month.

I need JDE not to calculate the amount in arrears as part of the monthly limit.

I put the same post on Oracle Support Community, and was give a link by an Oracle employee to a Enhancement Requests. I'm always confused by Enhancement Requests, does this functionality exist? If I use arrears method 'Q' will I get the desired results? Why bother giving me the link if it will never be adddressed?
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