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Subject: Media Text
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 11:04:22 -0800


I am transfering notes form a legacy system to XE Item
Master Media
Attachments . I have multiple notes per item ranging
from one line of text
to a dozen.
I received a set of code to do this input but it seems
imcomplete the reason
I know this is because there isn't any text in the media
text file form.

This is what was suggested I do.
Create a table with 3 elements (ex:F550101A)
ITM (short item number)
SEQ (sequence number)
ADS3 (description field)

I created a business view with ITM and SEQ as the key.

I cerated a headerless input from to import my data

This is waht was suggested I do to get the data from
F550101A to theItem
Media Text Table (form).
First I had to find the Table that is controled by the
Media Text form
fromapplication P40163 on the exit row Applications was

I created a Find Browse form

I put a push button on the form
I created a Button Clicked event rule: (per specs given
by a consultant)

F550101A.Select All
If SV File_IO_Status is equal to CO SUCCESS
F550101A.Fetch Next
While SV File_IO_Status is equal to CO SUCCESS
Media Object Structures(GT4016B, <Default Media
Object>, <Set Text>,
<Default Text Object>, VA evt_GenericDescription, VA
evt_item, SL
LanguagePreference )
F550101A.Fetch Next
End While
End If

To execute you press ALT F4 this was to populate the
Media Text Forms with

NOW!! My problem. I get a popup form "Choose Queue"
"Available Queues"
"Text" "Objectmamagement"
You choose Text or Objectmanagenent and click OK
The interactive form does this when you choose menu File
New Text.
When I click OK on the Event driven entry it keeps
poping up the popup form
and i have to ckick on the OK button.
On the interactive form the form changes to be able to
input text on the
notes form.

Any ideas on how I can finish this event rule to
populate the form with the
data and proceed to the next.

Thank You!!

Bob Bushley
Brand new to JDE XE
Brand new to JDE period

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