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JDE OneWorld XE, Release: B7333

I’m still fairly new to JDE. This is the first time I’m working with Media Objects, specifically for the “P0911 – Journal Entries” screen - adding JEs to the Batch.

Question 1: Is there a way to prevent a user from modifying or deleting an attachment once it’s been attached, but still have read access? Unfortunately, this is a showstopper for the project I’m currently developing.

Question 2: There is a Row Exit called “Attachments” for attaching a Media Object. Why don’t I see it in the “Menus/Toolbar exits…” for the form?

Question 3: Are there bugs when attaching an OLE? One of the users attached an OLE to a new JE (first), saved the JE, then accessed the JE, but the attachment wasn’t there. When the user entered a new JE (second) and then tried to attach an OLE, the attachment from the first JE appeared. There is a new form that calls the P0911 where the OLEs are attached, and neither of the attachments is available for viewing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is a way but its not really a development issue but a Admin/CNC one (post this question in the EnterpriseOne Technical Forum).

Briefly the answer lies in using Security.