Media Objects in Report??


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Hi List,
I have a report with text in a group section that I need to create. I searched the archives for media objects in UBE and media object in report and didn't get any hits.
Would I use a media object and if so how would I get the text in it? the knowledge garden says to call a business function B0500047 or use an API JDEGTCopyRecord. This seems odd just to create a media object text for use in a UBE.
Am I on the wrong track here? Is there an easier way to get a text variable (a paragraph or two) to print in a report section?

I appreciate any help you can give. BTW, I just reregistered under a different email address with a different name which is why my signature is unfamilar, and you haven't heard from me in a while. My old name was Bill_Feeney
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Hi Bill,
I'm not sure I fully understand what you're looking for, but here are a couple of suggestions FWIW:
1. If you have the option of adding a media object in a relevant application (e.g. in P4210 click on the grey box beside the line to add a media object), do this, then in RDA use the System Function Media Objects to retrieve it.
2. If the text doesn't change, use either a Report Constant, or Text Variable (or series of them) to create the text.

And now some questions:
What is the report based on? (table#/BV#)
What are the conditions under which this text will be printed? (e.g. on change of sales order, on every line, once per report, etc)
Is the text constant, or is it dependent on some other variable?

Hope this is of some use,

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Hi Stewart,
Thanks for the input. The reports are actually a past due invoice notice with about 5 sentences of verbage, then list of open invoices and a total A/R open amount.
The other one is a pre-payment notice same kind of deal with verbage.
I was thinking that the media object (text of letters) would be a lot "cleaner" than a series of text variables if a media object was reasonable to create. Maybe you're right and a series of text variables would be more straight forward since the main problem I'm having is figuring out how to create a media object & populate with text since it isn't being created in relation to a form or particular record.
Any suggestions on how to create/populate a media object for my needs would be much appreciated.



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I would have thought it would be good to hold the text in a file so it could be changed in the future. Media objects would be a good idea aswell as the program needed to maintain the text would be very straight forward.

A simple way to create associated media objects would be to create a UDC which defines the text blocks you need. You can then add an attachment to the UDC which is retrieved on the print - this would give you an easily maintainable way of holding the different text for you pre-payment report and the other report.

Hope this helps

Tom Brown


Hello Bill,
Currently on page 9 of JDEList is a question I had about populating Media Objects with text. The subject is "Item Notes Carriage Return". Go read that to see if anything in there helps you.


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