Media objects 5,000 mile away

Michael L.

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Our Deployment server is here in Toronto. We have a large user base in Russia. We are currently working on a project with a third party vendor who ‘high level’ assembles all the media objects associated with a work order then sends that work order with the media objects attached to Russia for printing. Our biggest challenge is going to be the time to send the object from Toronto to Russia for printing.

Am hoping someone has a creative solution? Is it possible to create a WINTEL batch server locally in Russia, add a few entries in P98MOQUE pointing to the new directory structures on the new local server and then running and printing the work order (which includes the media objects) locally in Russia?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,

We are currently 9.0,, OS/400 V6R1, OAS. We in the process of upgrading to 9.1,, IBM i 7.2, WebLogic on WINTEL
Are the media objects the largest part of the "assembled" work order? If so, where are those media objects located -- on your deployment server? If so, you'll still be transferring your media objects from your Toronto location to Russia, so putting a batch server in Russia wouldn't help much. Maybe if you could move the media objects onto that server in Russia, then you may have a chance to speed things up with your new batch server. Does the 3rd party vendor have any requirements that would conflict with the new batch server?
Assuming your Media Objects are all text <right?> unless you have pages and pages of them per WO they shouldn't be adding tremendously to the Print Time. What can take a lot of time is printing anything to a remote printer depending on the connection. Are you trying to print directly from the Toronto server to a printer in Russia? If yes consider instead a solution that ships the PDFs to the Russian server where a job monitors a folder for incoming PDF files and prints them locally. That's how I'd do it.
Don, Larry, thanks for responding, much appreciated. The team has decided to postpone exploring this option.