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Greetings Dev. Folks,

In our Legacy (B7331) system, a previous consultant added a media object

I am moving previous mods(B7331) to XE - and can't seem to find where to
move the mod via FDA. I can see the difference (and move the mod) via
Visual ER Compare - but am at a loss where to review within FDA.

The media object structure resides within an ER called Media Objects - Row
def under FORM when viewed with Visual ER Compare.

Any developer guru takers?

B7331 -> B7333/XE
SQL 7 -> AS/400


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Are you trying to create a media object data structure? This is the
structure used to link attachment to database records.

If so - you need to add an object type GT. Look in OL and you'll see how
they are done - they are simply data structures - once you have created one
of these, it will appear in the list of available media objects within FDA.

So you need to design the GT object outside of FDA.

Hope this helps

Tom Brown


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FDA/Form/Media Objects Setup - Click the Enable ... checkbox and find the
data structure after clicking the button "Define Row Key".

Ben again