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Media Object Queues


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We are installing Xe coexistence with A7.3 Cum 10. Per the Install
Guide you must choose a location for the OLE objects to reside that
has to be an NT machine. Is there anyway around this? Can they
somehow reside on the AS/400?

If not, then what are the pros/cons of it being on the Deployment
server vs. just another dual-processor NT server?

We put our CO on the AS/400 because we did not want the risk of a NT
server taking down our whole ERP system because it just "decides" to
blue screen. Now we read this about media objects having to reside on
a NT server. Does this server have to always be up for users to even
login to OneWorld?

Any information to help me understand this would be appreciated.

Hi, Kevin,

The answer to it is YES! You can put it to AS/400 in a IFS directory and share
it to a network available folder. Then modify the entries for match the changes.
The server host the media objects are not necessary to be UP all the time, it
really depends upon your applications. Many application do not access Media
Objects, or it will not failed even it does use it. Typical Applications
include: OWM, DD, ActivEra Solution Explore, Mail Merge from OneWorld, etc.

Wilson Chen
Senior Technical Consultant
Systems Management Inc

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Wilson H. Chen
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Just noticed you said cume 10. Thought Xe was only co-existant on cume 11
(plus some coexistent PTF and another tape of programs...) and up. That was
the story we got. Sorry, not sure about the OLE objects other than possibly
in the IFS on the 400.