Media Object - GTITNM - Increse DD Item length


We have a requirement regarding Media Object DD Item GTITNM length? The client has a long description on certain media attachments which requires to have file length more than 50 characters.

The restriction for filename length for media attachments is per the specifications for the DD item GTITNM,

which is limited to 50 characters in length.

What would be the best approach for this. Obviously, I cannot change the standard DD Item size.

A workaround would be to create a custom data dictionary item in a custom table

However, how will this custom data dictionary will be inserted/added to Media Object table(F00165) as thaisstores data in blob format.

Please provide your valuable inputs or the best approach for this requirement.?

Maybe you could use a tag file to hold this and other fields you may need. So F00165T and in it have the MO file keys connecting to the base MO file along with some fields you could use and then the user and audit fields. This allows you to use the custom DD item and have room to use other fields if needed in the future. One option.
I'd suggest use F5500165T, as JDE may use the F00165T at some point, I don't think I've ever seen them do it, but they do reserve that right. They do say they won't use the 55-59 codes thought

Yes I agree it should be a 55-59 object I should have noted that as well. Thanks for catching that.