Media Object and XML in JDE 9.1.4


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I streamed a well formatted xml string from a c bsfn to a media object. But when I view it in APPL, it looks like the media object strips out all the xml tags and only the values in the xml show up in the media object. I do everything in the tool set of JDE.

Basically I just want the media object to display whatever I put in it. No need to do anything else.

Do you know if there's a property to configure the media object to NOT do anything?

How are you writing to the media object record from the C BSFN? When you say you are doing everything in the tool set of JDE does that mean you using one of the many media object C APIs? Have you classified it as plain text?
I unchecked every checkbox under Properties for the media object and only leave the Allow Text Items checkbox checked and it shows the xml now. I have another problem with writing to it but I'll open a separate thread for that. Thanks