Matrix Items

Fernando A.

Hi, does anyone has already set up Matrix Items? I am trying to use that for a company with an specific problem: They have an Item and this item may have "multiple" sub-items, they have a "PANT" item but this pant have Size and Color (size = S=01, M=02, L=03, XL=04) and (color = Beige=01, Navy=02, White=03, etc.).
My understanding is that you may use Matrix Items (instead of using appareal) and we may use Segmented Items, but I think I am misunderstanding something. I am trying to create a segmented Item (2 segments) the first Size and the second Color and imagine I have an Item number 302420521 (Pant Item number) and I want to "extend" the number to 3024205210101 to get 302420521 the "base" item number for a pant but Small 01 and Beige 01.

Is that correct that way?

The problem is everytime I try to define the "Parent Item" (with Matrix active) the program is clearing the two segments and leaving one.

Any idea about what am I doing incorrectly?

My idea is correct or INCORRECT.