Matching Receipts to Invoices


Good Morning Tipsters,

I am looking for some help on how to set up matching algorithms in the R03b50...

This is the situation: We may have multiple invoices to the same customer in the same company for different amounts, and this happens for multiple customers at the same time (a monthly benefits billing). These invoices are paid through a 3rd party. Each customer has the 3rd party as the payor in the customer address book. These payments are entered through a grid import into speed receipts entry as unapplied receipts. We then use the R03b50 to apply the receipts to the invoices. We have been using the R03b50B, Balance Forward Match; however, this is not working quite the way we want. For example the customer has invoices of $20.00 and $10.00. The 3rd party makes payments of $10.00 and $20.00. When the receipts are applied, the $20.00 receipt is applied to the $10.00 invoice, leaving $10.00 remaining on that receipt, and then the remaining $10.00 and the $10.00 receipts are applied to the $20.00 invoice. This is not intended, we would like the $20.00 receipt to match the $20.00 invoice and the $10.00 receipt to match the $10.00 invoice.

In my testing, I have tried using the R03b50A Invoice Selection Match and the R03b50F Combination Invoice Match in the execution list of the R03b50 processing options. The results of that testing are that although both receipts show up on the customer ledger for the customer, when trying to match invoices using the R03b50 with data selection for just that customer number, invoices for another customer are being closed, I suspect because the payor on the receipt is paying for multiple customers and there is another invoice with the same amount for another customer.

Does anyone have something similar and mind sharing how you set that up?