E9.2 Manual Clean-Up To Remove Uninstalled Standalone 9.2 via ReconfigureDB.exe


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I tried to uninstall Standalone 9.2, but it failed so trying to do a manual cleanup to uninstall.

1. Navigate to bin32 Location For example "C://E920_1/system/bin32".
2. Open the ReconfigureDB.exe
3. Left Side select the Option "Enhanced Encryption" and Right side provide the password you want to reset ( i.e admin)
4. Confirm the Password in next screen

But then I get the following error:

ReconfigureDB Error.PNG

Has anyone seen this before or any suggestions on how to resolve.



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The ReconfigureDB.Log does not provide any additional details as it reflects the same message:

08:26:10 ERROR!!!
Could not change the *** SYSTEM *** user's password. The 'From' password may be incorrect. Look in c:\ReconfigureDB.log and jde.log for details. Will not attempt to change the *** SYS *** user's password."

The JDE.log does not provide any further details.


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Im not sure what the need really is here, but you could always change e1local to NTS,NONE ins SQLNET.ORA, add your login name (for the OS) to the Oracle DBA group, restart, and then run sqlplus / as sysdba and change the SYS and SYSTEM passwords to whatever you like.