Manager not able to approve an expense report


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Hi Community,

I have a case here that I was not able to find a solution, may some can help.
A manager not able to approve the expense report for his employee, the status of the expense report is F20111.EHEXRPTSTS = 210 (Approbation Requise)
When I'm connected as employee, i can see the employe's expense report, and I when I connected as manager, I can't see the expense report.
The Workflow Process EXPROUTING ends on error, I resumed to see If the manager can approve it, but nothing
See the attached file for more detail
Any help I appreciate
EnterpriseOne 9.00
Tools Release :
Enterprise Server : W2012x64 R2 / Visual C++ .NET 2010
Web Server : W2012x64 R2 / IBM WebSphere WAS
Database Server : iSeries V7R1 (DB2/400)


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