MakingJDE web usage analytics with Piwik (gogle analytics like)



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Hi list, we h'av installed piwik in one VM.
I've put my piwik tracker code on the wgujs fil and I do't think this is the best place.
When I do that page title are well caught but I want also to have the app name and app version (in the HTML code of the page I can find : P01012_W01012B_ZJDE0001).
Also JDE is ran ovr citrix by users (a web link),I'd like to add as a piwik variable the JDE user ID present on the HTML page.

So do you know where is the best placeo put my traking code?
Hi, Yann.

I've just started playing with using Piwik and E1. I put the tracking code in the e1.js file.

We get info like this:
2015-09-03 09_29_51-Clipboard.jpg
The same for me but for example for the adresse book did you managed to have P01012 info as well?
You an have different page title for the same app, t dépends on our menu naming convention and/or localization info.