Make To Order - simple SO with finished good made of base item and another part


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Hi Everyone!

We are in the process of creating WO on demand based on customer's sales order (similar to Make to Order sales). We were able to generate the WO from the SO line item automatically with "W" line type settings and link back to update sales order status and hard commit inventory location when production was recorded against the WO (with processing options). The only hiccup is not being able to generate WO parts list and routing on the fly. The components for the WO is also on the sales order as miscellaneous lines as we would like to charge customer for the parts, however we want those components to form the parts list when WO is generated by P4210. Is there a way to accomplish that?

These are very simple work orders with just 2 or 3 components and hence we are not going the route of Configurator. We are currently on EneterpriseOne 8.11 SP1.

Please share your thoughts on the topic.


Prathibha Hanumali