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make a duplicate of an optio printer for one user


We have an optio printer, descriptively named OptioX2b that takes output from JDE and prints an invoice. Currently all of the users in JDE who print their invoices to this printer are in one office, but soon one person only will be moving to another office a distance away. I would like to make a copy of this Optio printer so I can have this one user print to is, and have this optio printer send output to a different physical printer from everyone else.
Simply put, can I make a copy of an optio printer so that is keeps all of the formating of the old one but goes to a different physical printer?


Legendary Poster

Can you include the user ID in the pdf file, map this field in your Optio document, and then pick the appropriate channel/device in your Optio document based upon the value of the user ID? This would let you keep just one Optio printer.

Alternatively, you can certainly create another Optio printer, copy the Optio document, and just change the channel/device within the copy of the document.


You said what I thought I could do all along. Just create a new optio printer, and copy over my working optio files from my current printer, renaming appropriately. But Optio tech support kept telling me that would never work. I shall try and see what happens. I'll let you know.


Reputable Poster
I'm not working with Optio any more, but I created tables for each user / application which defined the default printer (channel) for each. Instead of each script opening a fixed channel, it would lookup on the table using either the User or Application as the key, and maybe Business Unit / Location as well to obtain the channel to open. It worked very nicely.