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Maintain Customer Specific Inventory


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We're looking at options to segregate inventory for a customer.
We've rolled around lots of options including; a new item number that we only sell to them;
Lot controlling this item number;
Using an inventory commitment preference and creating a new branch.
Each of these comes with its own set of challenges. I'd be curious to hear any success stories and methods used.

An added wrinkle, this is an item we manufacture, and we'd like to know if we're building for this specific customer because there is an added step for packaging.


JDE 9.1
Tools 9.1
Win/SQL 2008r2


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We have explored this as well. We have used different b/p and really dug into using lot numbers that correspond to the specific customer. On your manufacturing point, are you stocking it in the different packaging? If so, that should transalate into a different item.


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Thanks for the reply,
On the stocking in different packaging point, I think we will stock it in different packaging. Currently thats still up for debate, but most are leaning towards stocking this way.