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JDE.LOG, JDEDEBUG.LOG, jdeinst.log (install), cjdedebuglog.txt (possibly for
APPL debug tool?), JD_UNINST.LOG (if client uninstalled), OLT.log (OL
Transaction), sawDebug.txt (if run SAW), erlog.log

AS400 ES:
jde.log, jdedebug.log (for each kernel and UBE)

jas.log, jasdebug.log, ptf.log ?, websphere logs

There's more ...

Doug Rezanka - Programmer/Analyst
Eaton - Actuators and Sensors Division

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From: C=US/A=INTERNET/DDA=ID/JDEList(a), on 7/21/00 2:40 PM:

Does anyone have a listing of the log files that are created in JDE OW. I
am trying to get a fairly complete grouping of all the log files, their
purpose, and how to activate/deactivate them so that we can better manage
disk space, system performance, and to better determine information
available to IT and how can use it to make our job easier. To date I
haven't been able to find such a beast. If any of you have some insight, I
would sure appreciate it.

This documentation would include the major components for each of the
Enterprise server
Operating System Logs
Database logs
Change Management logs
Print logs
Security logs
Deployment Server
Web Server
Development (Fat Client) Workstation
Thin Client Workstation

I realize that this is highly dependent to each platform (AS/400, HP 9000,
Sun, etc), operating system, database, JDE OW modules, version of JDE OW,
and even site configuration. The documentation on log files seem very
scattered and you just happen across them usually when working on some other

I am willing to be the keeper of any insight that you might have and
eventually get it as a download on the JDElist if you feel it is of value.
I just haven't been able to find more than a couple at a time and most are
in my memory. If we each throw out 5 or so logs than within a week or two,
we could have a pretty good representation. Please specify the following:
Platform (and any additional specifics)
location of log file (full path preferred)
Purpose (if known)
Location of activation/ deactivation flag and settings
Any other information about the file

Also, any tricks to log files is appreciated (such as searching for specific
words "error or warning" within a log, scheduled clearing them out, renaming
and storing, etc.

Thanks for you help. Hopefully, we can all benefit from a little bit of
knowledge and utilize the COLLECTIVE..

Doug Adamson
Tricon Restaurants Int'l
WK 972-338-7147
FX 972-338-6959

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This is the JDEList Mailing List.
Archives and information on how to SUBSCRIBE, and
UNSUBSCRIBE can be found at