Luxembourg - FAIA 2.01 - Fichier Audit Informatisé AED


Hi to all,
I've to implement by new some application and batch to produce XML file for Luxembourg FAIA, in E9.0 (E9.1) and also in E9.2

- Can you help me to find out some news in English or Italian that explain well what I've to do for Faia?
- Have you already implemented somewhat in JDE for export data for this job?

thanks a lot to all
best regards
Perhaps this can assist.


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Many thanks to you!
I read the documentation and this is a good point to begin. In this moment we're waiting for Luxembourg's consultant to understand what we have to populate some fields. I read the FAIA documentation and It seems to be quite difficult to understand without somebody that known the meaning of the fields' values.

If someone has some documentation about FAIA, please condivide it wit us.

best regards to all