Ltrim and rtrim usage...

Ricardo Paz

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Hi list...
does anybody know how to use the rtim(,) and ltrim(,) text function on event
rules ???


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Hi Ricardo,

Hmmmm..., is it the Developers List/Forum?

In response to your question:
rtrim = trim a character from the right of a string
(do you guess "ltrim"? :)
ltrim = trim a character from the left of a string
First parameter have to be a string type control, variable, etc. to trim from.
Second parameter is the character to trim.

evt_String_DESC = "xxxxABC"
evt_Char_EV01 = "x"
evt_String_DESC = ltrim(evt_String_DESC , evt_Char_EV01)

evt_String_DESC will contain now: "ABC"

Have a good ER coding,

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