LPARs - is anyone using this with the AS400 & OW?


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Hi All,

Is there anyone out there doing Logical Partitioning on the AS400? Do you
use a separate Deployment Server?

How much space are you taking in the AS400 for it. I was told you put it in
raid mode and it takes around 25 gig minimum and 256mg memory minimum.

Are you using a separate internal CD Rom or an external one? Or did you go
to DVD. My IBM rep said the DVD has 7 times the density.

Any help you could give me would be appreciated... what do you think of it,
hang ups, positives, maintenance time, etc.

I am going to be putting V5R1 on soon so it'll give me more capability in
this area. I'm also putting on SP16 soon so I'll let you know how that
goes... We're not in production for awhile yet...

Thank you!!

OW Xe SP15.1
AS400 V4R5
email: [email protected]