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Lot expiration date

Hi List,
One of our clients asks for a warning message to be displayed when a certain period is left until the lot expiration date (i.e. two weeks) for an item. This message may be displayed within the workflow or as a pop-up message.
Our client is a distribution company for pharmaceutical products and having a clear picture of their stock situation at each and every moment is very important in their business.
Any experience on these, any ideas?
Thanks in advance.


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Hi Gabriel,

Do you wish to have an overview of all items nearing expiry date or do you want to trigger a warning when a particular lot is processed?

In the first instance I would
A) Either write a UBE report, simply stating all item/branch/lot combinations (ex F4108) where
1) the expiry date < today - X. (X could be a fixed value or read from a new Processing option)
2) LIPQOH > 0 accumulated for that particular lot by item,branch and location.
3) Lot status = <blank> (optional)

B) Create a simple on-line application (Find/Browse) with similar rules.(this could be based on P4108, with a data range in the header section to select on and with a quantity on hand validation built in)

If you wish to prompt a message every time a transaction occurs for a particular lot, things are a bit more complex. You may need to create a separate BSFN or NER BSFN which does the validation and is called at certain events (eg., depending on when you hard commit your inventory to a sales order, this program is called at order entry, pick slip print (though this cannot be interactive) or ship confirm.)
For this you would probably need an experienced programmer.

Hope this helps,


Sef van den Nieuwelaar
B732 on NT, XE on NT, B732/A73 on AS400, B733 on NT
Hi Sef,

Thank a bunch for your help.
Most probably we’ll create a mix between A and B.
Our client wants to trigger a message when a transaction it’s on roll (any kind of transaction, i.e. SO) for all the items with lot control and 1 or 2 weeks until expiration dates (something like “ Hi, next week this item will be obsolete!!”)
If you are interested in this issue, I’ll keep you informed about it.
Thanks again and
Best regards,
PS: In Romanian language, your name means “boss”.


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You can run the R41082 program in 'Proof' mode to list all Lots due to
expire by a certain date and you can use the Grade & Potency preference to
ensure that no Customer get Product sent to them that is due to expire
within x days. Not quite sure in which process your client would want a
window to pop up or a workflow message sent but, without mods, using the
above two suggestions will hopefully provide enough to cover their business


Craig Potter