Lot Controlled items without an expiration date.

We have an issue where we have a lot controlled item but there is no expiration date. JDE requires and lot controlled item to have an expiration date. Has anyone run into this situation and how can it be handled?



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If you leave the shelf life blank on the item then it should default the expiration date to the "last date" in JDE. These days I believe this is 31/12/40 if you don't change anything.


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Usually it happens when the item was initially setup as lot-optional ( IBSRCE='') and then changing it to lot-controlled item later on.

You will need to update the lot master manually to fix the issue, Thanks
aaro, we have the system setup correctly. Our issue is that there is no physical expiration date for the item and the system requires one since we have it set up being lot controlled. I was wondering how we can handle this lot controlled item that does not have a expiration date? It appears we may have to leave the shelf life field blank so it assigns an 12/31/40 expiration date to the item.