Looking for specs in wrong pathcode


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Hello all:

I have a situation that I hope someone can help with. Here it goes:

One of our developers has created a new report for label printing. She copied an existing report in CRP, made modifications, tested, checked in.

We then transferred the report to PROD and created new versions and checked in. The problem is this: When we run the report locally, it is looking for the spec files and dll under the CRP pathcode (ie. e:\b7\crpb733\spec\gbltbl.xdb). Since all of our PROD users do not have the CRP pathcode on their machines, the job fails.

Does anyone know where it is pulling this information from?

PS - We also did a test by copying the working report in PROD, completely eliminating any link to CRP, but it still looks for the specs and dlls under the CRP path.

Any thoughts?

DeRay Scholz
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Hi DeRay,

Can you check the report properties and check if someone entered an Override environment in the Advanced tab. If so, remove it and it should work. I have encounted this problem.


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Re: RE: Looking for specs in wrong pathcode

Hi DeRay,
First of all, glad to read that Adrian helped you to find the solution.
As you posted your issue to the Developers Forum too, please update your thread there too, attaching Adrian's great tip and adding that this was the solution.
Thanks in advance,
P.S.: Not all listers read both of the XE Forums, so let the "Developers" also know this great solution (I am also a developer :)))

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