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Looking for an expert on runbatch


does anyone know what the runbatch program does after the UBE has completed and the job has been put into a "D" done state?

I have a problem with R42800 and R42565 (seems to be only these UBEs and only if there is data to be selected. If we get "No Data Selected" then all is fine). These UBEs 'complete' but runbatch keeps on running, consuming CPU (quite a bit which suggests a software loop) but not actually terminating.

Thanks in advance,

OW B7332 SP 11.0
Oracle 8.1.6
Have you checked your work center? It seems that at least one of the last
things done is to send messages (completion, error, etc) to the work center.
Perhaps it is either having a problem sending the message or it is sending a
lot of messages.

We have had runube take several minutes to complete due to messages being
logged in the work center.

Larry Williams
Attachmate Corporation
(425) 649-6594
OW B7331 sp10.1 AS400