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Long Running 'Profit Recognition '

Long Running \'Profit Recognition \'

We run a monthly Profit Recognition on the Job Cost which takes
anywhere between 16 to 24 hour to complete. Is anybody familiar with this
process and does it sound excessive ?. I'm also looking for guidelines on
how to speed it up, our F0911 row 600,000 records and the F5144 has 4,500
records. I'm not sure what other tables might be used.

Thanks in Advance
Paul Gaynor


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Re: Long Running \'Profit Recognition \'

Try ESU JD4196. It is specifically for this problem.

JD Nowell
OW: B7332
ES: AS400 V4R4 CO: DB2/400 SP: 11.2
Users: 250 TSE Users: 100


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RE: Long Running \'Profit Recognition \'

I don't know if this will work for this particular report, but we had
problems running a Repost Account Ledger. It took 20 hours.
We changed the Lock Manager section on the jde.ini file on the AS400 to
Requested Service = None and it took 1 hour and now all of our UBE's are
running much faster.

Libbi Fletcher
HoMedics, Inc.
M.I.S. Department
248-863-3001 ext. 1281