Login redirect after timeout causing double login


Hopefully this is a simple configuration question... Some users are complaining about needing to login to JDE twice. Apparently their sessions are timing out. At timeout, the login URL ends in /E1Menu.maf?jdeLoginAction=LOGOUT&RENDER_MAFLET=E1Menu

The user tries to enter their login information in this screen--and it redirects to the actual login page that ends in /E1Menu.maf?RENDER_MAFLET=E1Menu&jdeowpBackButtonProtect=PROTECTED where the user must once again enter their login information.

So my question is--at timeout--how do I get it to just redirect to the /E1Menu.maf?RENDER_MAFLET=E1Menu&jdeowpBackButtonProtect=PROTECTED screen in the first place? Is this a JDE setting somewhere that I have not found yet? Has anyone else had this problem?

I am on JDE 9.2, toolset 9.2.2... if that at all helps.

Any suggestions would be welcomed


I am having exactly the same issue after the upgrade to version 9.2. The issue only happens when the E1 session times out. If the user logout and then logs back in then the issue does not occur.
Every time, the session times out I request the users to do a F5 to refresh the page before attempting to login back.

Hope someone has a permanent solution to this issue.