Logical File/Outer Join


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Greetings, is it possible to create a logical join file using the F4801
(primary) and the F4802 as an outer join? i.e. if there are no F4802
records one would still get the F4801 record? F4801 = Work Order Master,
F4802 = Work Order Notes... thanks, s.e.t.

Seth E. Tuthill
Anderson Bakery Co. Inc.
[email protected]
A7.3 C 8 V4R2M0


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Try using the JDFTVAL keyword at the file level. This will cause primary file records for which there is no match in the secondary file to be included in the join using default values for the secondary file fields. Without the JDFTVAL keyword specified, unmatched primary file records are ignored.

Dave Kahn (World A7.3 cum 10)