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Hello list. and thanks again for the bandwidth!!!!!!!

I have a question regarding the use of LOGIC Servers within the JDE OW
My company purchased a brand new AS/400 Model 830 for use solely as the
AS/400 Enterprise Server
within our OW implementation. It was the recommendation of both JDE and our
implementation partner that we did not
put JDE on our current production AS/400 (Model 640) due to security,
performance, sizing, etc. It made alot of sense to do this
because sizing was easier this way, security was much better in this
scenario, and we did not want any disruption to our current systems.

In the development of interfaces to our legacy (640) System, interfaces were
designed locally and ran locally just fine, with the interfaces using
both the OW Datasources on our Enterprise Server, our Production box (640)
and another legacy testing system (a 720) via odbc. When we tried to run
these UBE's that connected to other AS/400's
on the Enterprise Server, they wouldn't work. Somebody finally figured out
that the only way these would work would be to load JDE Services on all
AS/400s needing to talk to our Enterprise Server, or to get an NT based
server, which would be like running the interfaces locally (only on a
dedicated server just for this).

So, unless I'm mistaken, for my AS/400 Enterprise Server to get data off of
multiple other AS/400's, I have to load OW Services on each AS/400.
Get a Logic Server to handle these UBE's using ODBC.

What are the downsides to loading Services on the other AS/400's? How much
DASD is required for just services to enable our Enterprise server to run
UBEs that talk to the other AS/400's.
If I do this, can I talk to an NT or UNIX box from a UBE on that AS/400 if I
need to?

NT Logic Server? Is this the best, easiest solution?
How many UBE's (interfaces) could I run on a quad XEON Windows NT Box with
4GB Memory?

What (if anything) are the other options????


> XE, AS/400 830 V4R5M0 Enterprise Server
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> Vertex Sales and Use Tax
> Kronos Timekeeper/AS
Ryan A. Branstetter
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