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Localization Setting in User Profile?


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We are using a country localization for the first time and are getting some conflicting advice on which users need to have the localization for this country turned on in their user profile.

Do all users from this country need localization on or just certain users like financial users?
What about turning it for users from the corporate headquarters who will do work for this division?

If someone understands this setting and which users need this turned on in their profile, we would appreciate the guidance.


Alex Blasenheim

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There is much to think about here; language, decimal or comma placement, etc. At one company, the users that had to interact with other countries used the "English" based. Although we gave them the option to switch when they wanted. Those users whose work was primarily local used the local setting. There are often separate menus specifically for localization. They can be used in any setting but all is dependent upon how the overall structure and security is setup.

Bottom line, the data is the same. You want your users to feel comfortable with what they see.


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In many cases (for us) the only localizations we were using applied to the financial modules only, and even then, mostly to the processing functions only. In those cases we only turned on the localizations for the finance users, but turned on the language & decimal settings for all users in that country. In other countries it extended also to purchasing or other functions so we turned it on to the broader base.

The issue comes in (like you indicated above) where you have corporate users that have to do processing for that country. You either have to give them the ability to change their localization setting or set up a separate user ID. We went the separate user ID route to ensure that they didn't do any processing for that country with the setting turned off by mistake. But then you are possibly looking at many IDs if you are rolling it out to other countries.


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Thanks for the replies.
We have the language, date and decimals settings turned on for all users in the country. We initially had the localization on for all users in the country. For the corporate users we started setting up separate ID's with localization on, but then questions arose whether this was necessary as we discussed with our consultants. Seems like we will need those separate ID's for the finance users, but maybe not for other corporate users.