local UBE no prompt


Hopefully this will be easy. I have a UBE I want to run using Windows scheduler on a local pc. I need it to run locally because I am using 3rd party software (Connx) to bridge JDE (DB2/400) data over to Dec Alpha RMS data and vice versa. (btw this works great if anyone's interested. We are even launching a OneWorld customer inquiry form with a passed AB# from the Alpha.) Connx only lives on pc's and we are coexistant so I can't run this on an enterprise server. I set the UBE to run locally using the OCM and I've got the scheduler working (I created a shortcut and then use the "oexplore.exe shortcut-name" syntax in a .bat file). So we're close. The last problem I hope is any easy one to fix. I want this to run without human interaction. How do I turn off the "select output to screen/printer/csv" screen that you get when you run a UBE locally?
- Matt
B7332 SP11.1, coexistant, AS/400 V4R5