Loading document file (e.g. PDF invoice file) into OVR


Hi All,
Any idea about how to load a pdf file like an invoice file saved on a shared drive into OVR without using Oracle Web Center Content? We do not utilize WCC and when we try to load a file the only option there is "URL upload".
Is anybody out there have a similar situation? Can we make the file server act like an HTML server to so we so we can brows the file and get the URL address instead of UNC network path?

Your response is really appreciated.
OVR? Oracle Web Center Content?

Regarding the second part of your question its actually pretty easy to activate Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) on any Windows Server and then "expose" your folder of PDF files via URLs.
Thanks for your reply Larry but I am not too familiar with how to expose my folder in IIS? Can you explain it more? Is there any document out there?