Load up times between UT and PY (different tools release)


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Hi list,

We are on 9.0 and are rolling out the new funky TR slowly to give key users a chance to learn the new features etc.

So far we have just DV and PY on and UT and PD are still on the older

We all notice a distinct slower load up time between the same application screen in PY than UT. PY being much slower.
Actual grid record load times are good, better maybe, but the initial load up time is remarkably slower.

I know this may very well be a setting in a ini file somewhere. I just don't know what setting or what file :)

Any help would be great.




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No one?

There must be config settings that relate to object caching and intial load up times.

Has the TR of changed the JAS side of things in anyway that the new TR may have now wiped to a default


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Hi John,

What is your back end ? Oracle DB ? Guessing you deployed a new full package for the new tools , which would have cleared out your serialized object tables - F989999 and F989998. Any chance they have outdated stats that need to be updated ? This could slow down the fetches from these tables , which can in turn slow down your app load up times.

Also is the load up always slow for the same app even though it has been opened before ? ( the first time you open an app it is expected to be a little slower as it will trigger an on demand generation of the specs , unless you did a full jas generation after your full package. But subsequent calls of the app should not be slow)
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Are you see this performance difference across all applications or just some? I know when we went to tools 9.1.4 from 8.98 tools we discovered that some functionality 9business functions I believe) had moved from being executed on the Enterprise Server to the Web Server and that caused us some slowness but I cannot seem to run down documentation of the details as I am not a CNC and do not have the documentation at my finger tips. Just a thought I had when I saw your post. Good luck.