Load Balancing



Hi, please help me, I trying install a load balancing server (HAPROXY - UBUNTU Server), but I have a question

When the user presses the logout button in JDE, appears the backend server (ex. http://jdeweb1:90/jde/owhtml) not the loaded balancing server (ex. http://jde), It possible redirect to loaded balancing server?

Thanks for lots,

I'm not sure that HAPROXY-UBUNTU is really going to work for you. I haven't configured that - and usually customers that want an open source loadbalancer opt for Zen Load Balancer which is a LOT easier to set up and configure : http://www.zenloadbalancer.com/ - you'll find many articles on here talking about how to configure and set up Zen Load Balancer, it works extremely efficiently - and also provides clustering of the load-balancer as well. I would strongly recommend changing to zen - my configuration doesn't have the same issue you're experiencing.