Listing of Receiving Reversals in Purchasing

I want the listing of all the receiving cancelled in purchasing during a certain period. Please provide the details of back end files(F43121..etc.) from where the same can be extracted.

To my knowledge when a new receiving is generated than records are created in F43121 with Match type 1 and 2. and when the reversal is done than the above records are overwritten with match type 3 and 4.

In this scenario is it possible to take out the list of all the receiving reversed during a certain period.


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Match Type 1 - receipt
Match Type 2 - voucher
Match Type 3 - voucher reversal
Match Type 4 - receipt reversal

So, to find receipts reversed, query F43121 where MATC = 4. Use either DGL or RCDJ for your timeframe, but be aware that users are allowed to change these dates during receipt reversal.
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