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List of XE Applications and whic Application they Call

Soul Glo

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Does anyone out there know how I can obtain a list of all the JDE Objects and which objects they call. For example P4210 call a number of other Apps. and sub procedures, I would like to know if there is some way to find out the apps it an all other objects call, so when I implement security I know which objects I can lock etc.

Please send me e-mail if possible.

Thank You!


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Have a look at the Cross Reference Facility, P980011 on menu GH902. You'll need to run a rebuild job R980011 which I found that I need to run LOCALly from a fat client and chunk the processing by Object type. The rebuild takes awhile but once done, its can be really useful.
Robert Fletcher
AS400 V4R4, JAS HP9000 Websphere Std, OneWorld 7332 SP15.1

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