List of users granted to specific role


How do we get a list the users that are granted to a specific role? Though I understand we can list the roles granted to a specific user through P95921 Role Relationship, I would like to know it the other ways.


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From Roles & Relationships (P95921), click on the Form exit "Relationship Maint.". The form that appears will allow you to enter a role and then find all the users assigned to that role.

This form exit is available in version 9.0 and higher. We had to take an ESU (I think it was a Planner ESU) in 9.0 to see this newer form exit.


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That's real handy Don; natively I've obtained various user / role related stats using SQL queries but yes your advice is spot on. I also note there is a 'delegation' option on the exit, which could be quite useful.