Links in Existing Posts (Prior to Upgrade)



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JDEList Admin,

In the history of JDEList posts (which is part of the power of JDEList), there are numerous posts containing links. If the link is to an external (to JDEList) website, there appears to be no problem (in the little research I've done), but, and this is a big "BUT", the links to other parts of JDEList and other posts and threads in JDEList do not take you to the target webpage, they appear to only take you to the new JDEList HOME page (

The new URLs for JDEList posts appear to be built using a reference number of some kind (maybe a new thread number) and the words in order of the subject (probably of the first post in the thread if other posts in the thread have a different subject as sometimes happens) all joined together by a hyphen. It would be interesting to see how it handles a "/" in the subject. This means that you can't build the link to a post without all this information. Before the upgrade, all you needed was the post number (See Thread (?) 22873, Post 79959 (old 90194) with attachment Using JDEList Thread Post Numbers.doc URL: (Attachment Download URL:
A painful alternative might be to have the legacy JDEList brought back - in Read Only Mode. That way, the existing links would still point to the old lists, but we would not be able to add additional info to them.

Another option might be to do a bulk change - search the post and/or post code (some web links are not actually displayed) for "" and do a lookup in a cross reference (if one was built when transferring the posts from the old ubb site to the new vb4 site; if not done then it would be a much more difficult task to do it now) and update to the new web link. There may be a number of exceptions that may need to be handled manually. However this process is a small project in itself.

I have actually changed the links in a couple of my posts when I was doing some research. I tried to edit my old post and found I could. There was also a field for the change reason, which I used to note it was an update to the new post and thread numbers.