Link on E1 page.


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Hey Group.
Just wondering is there quicker way to change one url link on E1 page? Example go to server and change the Html?


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Can you provide more information on what you're asking ?

If you are asking whether its possible to change the Content Style Sheet - then yes, its possible to change that. An example is the color of the header or the layout of the initial login screen.

If you're asking about a specific application within E1 - then you'll have to do that in the JDE Toolset as the code is interpreted at runtime, and what you "see" is how the form is being generated each time you open the form. There is no HTML to change, as it gets generated each time in effect...


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Provided you're at a tools release where you can call out a task in an E1 Page generator DAT file, try the following:

1. Create a task (e.g. called TESTURL) and assign it to a URL
2. In your E1 Page, add this task in your .DAT file with a line like: @A:task=TESTURL
3. Run the E1 Page Generator and publish your E1 Page

Now if you want to change the URL, just go into the task (Task Revisions) and change the URL there. The next time you log in the E1 Page link will point to the new URL. Note you may want to clear jdbj caches (esp. menu cache) first.


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Thanks both.
I was asking what Don suggested. We are on TR as believe task revision is not available?
I guess my only option is to change in .DAT file and republish again.


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I think the short answer is that NO you cannot change the link. An E1PAGE is contained in a .zip file that is stored in a blob. you cannot easily manipulate it without modifying the .dat file, regenerating the page with the generator, and re-uploading the page.


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Hi Guys

I have done what I needed without generating, republishing, deploying etc, as I said before E1 pages are just html and you can change at:


This also give power to developer to customize changes on E1 page using javascript/html if they need.

I know it is not a clean way as I need to modify my .dat file into my source code to reflect changes but this save lot of my time if I have 10 pages to make changes.



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Sorry - I missed the "E1 Page" piece of your original request. I thought you were talking about the actual application pages. Serves me right for not reading your original request more thoroughly !!!