E9.2 Link invoice image to Voucher in E1



We are bringing AP invoices from internal document management system(OCR) and creating vouchers using R04110ZA. Question is how do we link actual invoice image stored in the OCR system(located within the firewall) to the voucher created in E1.



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There are two approaches, both using JDE media object attachments, depending on the specifics of your OCR system and you preference:

1) Create a URL (hyperlinked) attachment that points to your OCR system. This assumes that your OCR system has a front-end where the scanned images are stored that can be accessed via a URL that goes straight to an invoice specified on the URL. Your JDE users who need to see invoice images then also need access to that OCR system front-end with appropriate security permissions to see the images.

2) Create a File attachment that replicates the image stored in your OCR system.

Depending on your JDE release and tools release there are a variety of ways to implement the above.


Thanks Justin. We're on 9.2 TR On #1 approach above, say there is an URL to actual invoice image(OCR) and how do I attach the URL systematically? We're using R04110ZA to create vouchers(not BSSVs) and R04110ZA doesn't have option for media attachment. We're ready to customize R04110ZA but not sure which BSFN to use to attach URL.I know there is a BSFN for TEXT attachment, do you know which BSFN would help to attach URLs to vouchers? Thanks in advance.


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I dont think you can go with the voucher conversion process . You might want to do that and once that is completed , for every MO , there is a media object key which idnetifies it to the record . You might have to create a new custom business function taking references from existing as to how to create DSTR for MO and use api like idJDBReturn = jdeGTAddUpdate_ImageKeyStr((PJSTR)_J("GTXXX"),(PJSTR)lpszStringKey,pMODtlData,lTotalDtlRec); something on those lines once the initial conversion is complete , then go for media objects .


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You might be able to use CAFE1, since you are on a recent tools release. If you can get your document management system to present the image via a web interface and if the URL of said web interface uses data elements common to JDE (Such as supplier number, invoice number, etc).

We have a document management system that presents PDFs via a web browser and the metadata used to manage the image has JDE address book number and invoice number as fields which are presented in the URL. We then created a CAFE1 layout to link to the image repository. Works very well with no real code.


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Pretty ez to just write a URL entry into F0165 with the appropriate MO object key for the invoice.