Line Type N in Xe

Wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issue:

Recently converted from B7331 to Xe. Have a number of Non-stock items (line type N) that do not show up now when trying to add them to Requisitions/Quotes or POs (P4310). This happens when trying to add non-stock items such as Tooling/Consulting/Machining, from detail revision in P4310.

It appears that the only Non-stock items that display when using the look-up video to the item master are those items with Branch/Plant information.

The data we want to add to the lines displays in the non-stock item master and in the tables, but it is not being displayed when called up from P4310.

We need to be able to add non-stock/non-b/p items such as services in order to execute POs. If anyone has any experience in resolving an issue similar to this, you're help is greatly appreciated.