LIne Printers and Form Sizing


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We have a IBM 6400-014 line printer conected directly to our AS/400. We want to print out some customized forms from OW. When the form is 8.5 by 11 portrait it works fine We have found that all jobs print under QSYSPRINT. We have changed the characters per line to 132 which allows for either Landscape or portrait. We can not change the lines per page default, because some forms are landscape (which needs 51), and some are portrait (needs 66). Any idea on how we can have some reports use the portrait settings and others use the landscape? Also, Is there a way to have OW not use QSYSPRINT?


B7332 sp13.1 AS/400 v4r5
For AS400 printers we have found that we need to create a OneWorld printer
definitions for each formtype we need and then control the output queu on the
AS400, which is also very easy by using remote output queues,

OW: B7332 SP14
CO: AS400
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