Line Printer on AS400


We are on V4R4, XE SP 15, Coexistance. We are having a peculiar problem with
line printer that is attached directly to AS400. Printer device is working
fine. Printer writer and outq are defined. Printer writer starts fine. As
soon as any job output is released to print, printer writer ends
automatically. And, printer writer will not start if the outq has any job
output sitting in release status. If we change status of job output to hold,
then the writer starts, but as soon as we release job output again, writer
ends. It is happening to both job outputs - from AS400 logs as well as
OneWorld report outputs. We have also defined the line printer within
oneworld following JDE documentation. It seems like an AS400 printer issue?

Any ideas?? suggestions?? anyone??




Sounds like you are trying to print something that is not supported on that
Take a look at the job log generated by that printer. The job name is the
same as the printer name. It probably is going to say something like 'lines
per inch not supported' or 'characters per inch not supported'

Dan Verner
Information Technology Manager