Limiting Records to the Job & Pay History File (F060119)


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We use the Job & Pay History File (F060119) to for Salary changes that:

1: Happen mid payroll cycle
2: Determine back pay for changes that were not made in time.


1. On 06/04/2017 a supervisor change was entered effective 06/01/2018 was entered.
2. On 06/07/2018 a promotion with salary increase effective 05/21/2018 was entered.

Salary was incorrect on the payroll since the 1st entry overrode the 2nd entry for some of the dates

Sometimes, however, other changes are made with effective dates after the date of the salary change (i.e. Job Code) before the salary change is made. This causes the old salary to be used. I have been deleting those records for HR.

I would like to find a way to limit what is written to the F060119 to the Salary Changes and Employee Status changes (if possible) this means

1: P0801CMP & P0801EMP would write to the F060118
2: the P0801 and P0801ORG would not.

Oracle was little help on this. They seem to be focused on the HR History (F0842) which is not pertinent to the issue.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.