Limiting Box Types suggested to a location


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Hello Everyone,

Hopefully this is a quick question for some of the experts in this forum.

I want to limit the box types suggested from certain location/zone to a list of box types… can we do this with any existing config?

For example:

- I have 10 items in an order
- 5 items coming from a location called South_Flow
- 5 items coming from a location called North_Flow

Together, all 10 items can fit into a Box Type 40… however, I want all items from South_Flow to be suggested to something less than 40 (may be a 20 or 30)…and then rest of the items from North_Flow can be cartonized to whatever matching box type is. Can we do that? Can I limit the box types used in a particular location or zone?

Ps: I tried few things like “Allowed containers by location – P46026” and it didn’t work. Does anyone know how this works and if I can take advantage of this for this requirement?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

E1 8.11 SP1 with Advanced Warehousing