License requirements for Embedded BI Publisher


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Hi all,

Apologies if this has been covered, my searching didn't find a definitive answer. Simply put, is a specific license required for customers to develop reports using the embedded BI technology (RD and templates)?



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I believe that as long as you have E1 Foundation licensed (which is required), then you're good for using the embedded BI technology, including RD's and templates.


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I seem to remember you get to use the provided reports/templates, but if you wanted a custom report that you needed a license.

Your best bet is to ask your Oracle rep. If he says one isn't needed get it in an e-mail. On occasion we have had to go back to the e-mail...



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Hi Craig,

Check this document out

above Link obtained from - E1: XMLP: BI Publisher for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 789074.1)

To summarize

E1 Foundation gives you a restricted use license of BI Publisher (Run standard and custom reports against standard JDE tables only)
Oracle Tech Foundation gives you limited use license of BI Publisher (Run Standard and custom reports against any JDE table - custom or standard)
Full Use License (purchased seperately) - gives you above two plus the ability to go against data outside of JDE



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Thanks a lot! I had read that doc from 2009 earlier and wondered if things had changed. I need to understand the client's licenses to see what is allowed. Shame that the restricted license cuts out custom tables. Since they are an IBM shop, I wonder if they don't have the Oracle Tech foundation.

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