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Michelle D.

Active Member
Does anyone know what this library is and if I need to keep it? It seems to
contain all of our data files as of a certain date (2 Feb.) ... which is
taking up LOTS of space. The owner is JDEINSTAL. I'd really like to remove
it and free up some space, but I'm not exactly sure what it is, why it's
here, etc.

Michelle Dulay
ERP Coordinator
BFGoodrich Aerospace
Chandler Evans Control Systems
email: mdulay@chandlerevans.bfg.com

OneWorld B7322 with the MFG Mini-Cum, coexistent with World A7.3
AS400 V4R3 Enterprise Server
Windows NT SQL V6.5 Deployment Server
SynQuest V5.07.02
NT Logic - between AS400 (OneWorld) and HP9000 (SynQuest)

OneWorld B7322, MFG Mini-Cum, coexistent World A7.3
AS400 V4R3 ES