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Hi All,
We are implementing JD Edwards 9.1 including Job Cost. Can we use LOD 8 and 9 for Non JC accounts as well? What impact it will have? What precautions we should be taking?

It has been JDE's recommendation that you set aside LOD 8 and 9 for Job Cost for essentially one reason: If all other accounts used an LOD of less than 8 you could print a G/L information (trial balance, financial statements, etc) at LOD 7 and see all of your non-job cost accounts in the report while seeing only a very summarized representation of you job cost balances rolled up to LOD 7. The sample chart of accounts delivered with the software was built with this concept in mind.
It is a recommendation only, you can use any LOD in building your COA.
Thanks for your inputs. Also as I understand in financial accounts objects are mandatory as against subsidiary (cost code) in Job cost. This will cause roll up issue. So it seems we need to cautiously design the COA using LOD 8 and 9.

Josh, do you have a JDEtips.com subscription? If so, grab the chart of accounts articles they have - absolute "must reads". We just did a big chart of accounts optimization project last year and I found them helpful. I would certainly recommend reserving LOD 8 and 9 for Job Cost. Check out the ones from Roger Avrit and Richard Berry.

Sorry if I'm a little late to the party, I see this is from July last year.
Rolling up Levels for Analysis in Income spreadsheets

Hi all,

We are working on an old version of JDE. I believe JD Enterprise One 8.1.
I face a difficulty rolling up the levels e.g level 5 when I take an Income spread sheet in Level 9 because it does not have the levels as an additional coloumn. Therefore I need to extract Level 4 seperately which consumes time.
Is it possible to extract an Income spread sheet for a business Unit and use the same sheet to perform Level 5 and Level 9 analysis.

Expecting a speedy reply.